Great Lakes Granite Works has humble beginnings dating back to 1994. We operated out of a one-room shop on Scribner Avenue in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Back then, our three-person team had little idea of the future that was in store for the company, but they were determined to put their hearts and souls into the business.

In those early days, what we lacked in size and reputation, we made up for with work ethic, personal service and a love for crafting with stone. It wasn’t long before our craftsmanship and honest values earned us a reputable name among builders and homeowners in Grand Rapids and West Michigan. Word of our service continued to spread and Great Lakes Granite Works continued to grow.

Today, Great Lakes Granite Works is West Michigan’s leading stone countertop provider. We now have a complete team of expert fabricators and installers and our processes have been finely tuned, but our core values and commitment to craftsmanship, attention to detail, personal service, and customer satisfaction all remain the same. Great employees, technology and software advancements have improved the efficiencies and capabilities of crafting and installing stone in your home or business. Before our installation team leaves your property, we take the time to inspect every detail by hand, just as we always have.

Great Lakes Granite Works is still privately owned and operated from our headquarters in Comstock Park.

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