Caring for Granite Countertops

Now, that you have granite countertops you will find that you will break more drinking glasses. Granite is the hardest countertop you can buy. Normally cutting can be done right on your countertop, but expect to dull your best knives.

There are rare occasions when you may accidentally chip the granite. This can usually be fixed by applying a colorized epoxy that will take polish. This procedure can be done by one of our technicians.

We would suggest that you avoid placing extreme weight on the overhangs of your countertops. For example, climbing on an overhang to change a light bulb would be strongly discouraged.

Granite is a substance that quickly absorbs heat and distributes it out. We would recommend that extremely hot pans not be placed on or near small granite strips (up to 8") due to the fact that there is not enough material to distribute the heat. When placing hot pans on the countertop you will want to avoid coming in contact with the exposed area due to the extreme heat being deposited by the pan onto the granite.

Granite is a very durable material and occasional abuse will unlikely result in permanent damage. We encourage you to use and enjoy your new countertops. Please feel free to call us whenever you have a question or concern about the care of your granite countertops.

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